Monday, August 15, 2005

Salmon Belly Sinigang

Unprecedented--at least in my life... I've heard of stories similar to what I'm going through now, but this is the first time this has happened to me... Funny, actually. It reminds me of drinking too much beer...

Hilong-hilo ako ngayon. As in! Bakit? Dahil sa Salmon Belly Sinigang. Pero ang sarap niya talaga! I think that was the first time it was served for merienda after the departmental meeting. Pero ang sakit ng bantok ko ngayon! Nyek. Padugo-dugo pa ang ilong ko. Tila high-blood pressure. Teka, ganito ba iyon? Hahahahaha.

Oh, what yummy fish fat that was. Hahaha! Gluttony. Tsk, tsk, tsk...

I left class early. 'Needed to just rest a bit. I'm brewing some tea now. 'Hope that helps... I'll spend this little quiet time preparing for my class tomorrow morning. I think I might give a quiz...

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the guitar man said...

ey bro!

first, welcome to the blogging community bro terence. siguradong magandang karagdagan sa amin ang iyong pagmumuni-muni online. hehe.

sarap lang talagang kumain!!! kahit bawal, masarap pa rin. pero ingat ingat na lang bro, iwas hilo and highblood. mahirap na.

oh, and by the way, kawawa naman students mo when they read your blog. malalaman nilang may quiz. don't know if that's good, though. haha.

looking forward to more blogs.