Sunday, August 14, 2005

My Brother: A Rocker

This is my dear brother. Lawrence has always been good with the guitar. He has often outdone himself in this area. I think it all started one summer when he was still in high school. Was it just boredom? Who knows... Anyway, beyond the few formal sessions of guitar lessons he took, he would practice for several hours each day just to get himself more familiarized with what he was playing. Such dedciation! Well, what can I say? I really hope I can follow in his footsteps and learn the guitar myself.

Lawrence plays guitar for SIMIAN CREASE. Where did their band get their name? Beats me. Maybe he can tell me someday. They play hard rock. Is that the same as heavy metal? Whatever.

Anyhow, they played at El Pueblo, Ortigas Center, last Friday. He should have told me. I would've watched. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Parang ayaw mo namang manood ako ng performance mo eh! Hehehe. Joke only, bro! But really, I will make it a point to watch at least one of your shows. Then let's have one of those eat-all-you-can adventures after... Oh, we're sure to enjoy that! Hahahahahaha!

So far they've recorded three songs for an upcoming release by October. October? Ba't ang tagal pa? Lawrence! Gusto ko 'yung sa akin, autographed copy, ah! At siyempre, libre din. Hehehehehe.

So when's your next gig? Sabihan mo naman ako!


Allan S. Bnaiel said...

Wow naman, Bro! May blog ka, asteeg! Ako rin meron, hehe. bisitahin mo ha? :)

BTW, mai-interview ba namin si Lawrence for our documentary?

Elyse said...

naks! proud kuya!

Shai said...

Simian Crease. My friend from the Info Design studio, aka Mac lab in CTC, has been working on their album art. :) I've seen a few of the band members, even heard their songs. :)

Hope your bro and his band takes off nicely.

Btw, I linked your Padre Ferriols entry. I was looking for anything on him and that was how I found your blog. Salamat.

Anonymous said...

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