Wednesday, August 17, 2005

On Exercise

What I'm proud of: I'm happy to say that I've been able to consistently have my physical exercise virtually everyday these past three weeks. Yehey! Kahit hindi lang nga obvious--sabi ng iba--exercise pa rin 'yon! Half an hour on the cross-trainer. Then I lift weights. Whew!

Pero kahit papaano naman, sana mapansin-pansin ko rin na I'm losing weight! Hehehehe. It's good for my heart, right? According to the scale, I've lost two kilos since I started. Someone told me that what I've lost is just water. Hahahahaha. Oh well, so I guess it gets harder after that...

On a more quiet note, things have also been moving forward in the realm of my spiritual exercise. I've changed my formal prayer period to the middle of the day. Why? Well, I'm just too groggy in the mornings and too tired at day's end. It just doesn't work for me at these times! Hmm... But won't I get sleepy praying after lunch? Perhaps. Kahit itong lumipas na dalawang linggo, since I've changed my prayer schedule, I find myself nodding off every so often. Oh well, ganyan talaga. Sanayan lang siguro. But on that note, I guess it's a matter of discipline, too, to just keep at it. Sabi nga ng SD ko, ipagpatuloy ko lang kahit inaantok-antok ako minsan, kasi may nangyayari pa rin sa akin sa dasal kahit hindi ko man ito napapansin. Amen to that!

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